GMP Sodium Hydroxide Solutions (NaOH)
Exclusively Manufactured in the USA
  • Proprietary process that does NOT use pellets
  • 1000, 200, 19, 10, 4 and 1 liter package sizes
  • 10N, 25%, 5N, 2N and 1N concentrations
  • FDA Registered & Inspected Facility
  • Low Chloride & BET specifications
  • Dedicated GMP System
  • USP-WFI Grade Water

Photo above is only part of our brand new GMP Sodium Hydroxide system, capable of producing over 1.2 Million liters of high purity, low iron, low Chloride, True GMP, Sodium Hydroxide made with USP WFI Grade water at 10N, 25%, 5N, 2N and 1N strength – A unique system that produces purified NaOH WITHOUT the use of NaOH pellets.

This system, designed in-house by our own engineers and chemists, is housed in our spacious 150,000 square foot, FDA Registered and inspected, GMP facility in Bangor PA. This facility sits on a beautiful 34 acre campus, ready for increased expansion as our business continues to grow!

We are ready to begin sampling customers for 10N, 25%, 5N, 2N & 1N NaOH product


FDA Registered and Inspected / US GMP / IPEC / ICH Q7 Guidelines