From its humble beginning, BioSpectra remains a pioneer in the development and manufacture of fully validated GMP versions of Biological Buffers and other fine chemicals for a constantly evolving Pharmaceutical industry.

Launched in the foothills of the Poconos and rooted in Eastern Pennsylvania work ethic and culture, BioSpectra has expanded to become a regional, multi-plant manufacturer of High Purity Pharmaceutical Ingredients, serving the leading Pharmaceutical Companies around the World.

Come visit with us as we journey through our history of growth…

1993 - 1995

The BioSpectra Organization was created On December 26, 1993 operating from Offices near Shawnee on the Delaware. BioSpectra, Inc. (BSI) was first incorporated in Pennsylvania, USA, on September 15, 1995.


The Original BioSpectra operated from a site in Sciota, PA., manufacturing reagent grade buffers and laboratory chemicals.


In 2001,  BSI opened the Stroudsburg, Rockdale Lane facility and creating the first fully dedicated manufacturing facility for the production of repurified GMP Biological Buffers that changed the scale of available cGMP Biological Buffers to the BioPharma Industry.


In 2006, BSI created BioBuffer Solutions Brand to support the need for upstream materials to our critical customers.
That Brand will undergo further expansion at a new facility in 2024/2025.


In 2011, BSI we acquired the much larger, Bangor, PA facility to expand manufacturing and expand our portfolio of GMP Pharmaceutical Process Fine Chemicals, Excipients and API’s.


In 2019 and 2020 we acquired several other local properties to house external services (such as our Fleet of cars and trucks, building and ground equipment and non-controlled storage). 


In April of 2021 BSI opened our Corporate Services Center in Wind Gap PA. Also in 2021 renovation work began on out Kilo GMP Facility in Rensselaer NY which is now known as BDI (BioDevelopment Inc.).


More recently in January 2023 we opened our 60,000 square foot GMP storage facility at 3rd Street in Stroudsburg PA, while simultaneously officially opening our Kilo GMP Scale facility in Rensselaer NY.

Future of BSI

And we are not done!  We are busy working to expand our manufacturing footprint overseas as well and in 2024/2025 we plan to open another 80,000 square foot facility adjacent to our GMP Storage facility to house our expanding analytical services and automated packaging operations.


The BioSpectra Organization continues to expand with technology, in footprint and with people as we approach our 30th year in business with more sites and a compliment of over nearly 300 employees.

During the recent pandemic, BioSpectra played a crucial role in the production of Covid Vaccines and Drugs that helped millions of people navigate past chronic infection and death.

As the Pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, our focus remains on the synthesis and purification of critical biological buffers, key processing GMP Fine Chemicals, functional Excipients and APIs.

Over the past thirty years, BioSpectra has created a global brand as the most trusted and most reliable source of premium Pharmaceutical Ingredients, manufactured exclusively at our GMP Facilities here in the USA. Our mission is to always exceed our customer’s expectations for high quality product and service while remaining fully compliant in regard to US and EU Pharmaceutical Quality and Regulatory Standards.