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Bulk Fine Chemicals
The world's original dedicated manufacturer of cGMP biological buffers.
Laboratory Reagents
Highest quality, best value lab reagents anywhere. Guaranteed.
Contract Manfacturing
The most reliable and cost effective cGMP contract bulk chemical manufacturing.
Lab Testing Services
Industry proven, fast, accurate, traceable and economical laboratory testing services.
Welcome to BioSpectra
BioSpectra, the original US manufacturer of cGMP compliant Tris, Urea, Guanidine HCl and Tris HCl, is also the best source for quality compliant Contract Manufacturing, Bulk Fine Chemicals, Laboratory Reagents and Lab Testing Services. We offer US manufactured Protein Denaturants like Guanidine Hydrochloride and Guanidine Thiocyanate; US manufactured Zwitterionic Buffers such as HEPES, MOPS and MES as well as custom buffers in liquid and dry forms.

BioSpectra focuses on producing and testing Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Biopharmaceutical Intermediates and Excipients so you can focus on your technology and delivery systems.
The Most Trusted And Reliable Supply For Biological Buffers



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