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Carbohydrates ~ All Carbohydrates

BioSpectra’s Carbohydrates are from a quality based system and are characterized by low endotoxin and high purity. BioSpectra’s Carbohydrates are fully traceable and suitable for research, diagnostic and further manufacturing applications.

Carbohydrates ~ All Carbohydrates
Product Molecular Formula CAS # Details
D-GALACTOSE C6H12O6 59-23-4
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BioSpectra Products by: Assay / Grade / pKa / pH

pKa at 25°C Solubility at 25°C
  Bio Ultra    
D-Galactose no specs 1.723 g/cm3 683.0 g/L

BioSpectra Product Grades

BioSpectra offers two standard grades for our core products: Bio Ultra Grade and Bio Pharma Grade.

For a list of the Key Compliance Attributes associated with each grade, click here.

Bio Ultra

Manufactured in a quality system based facility offering traceability and consistent supply.

As the leader in quality-based manufacturing systems, BioSpectra can supply fully traceable products that consistently meet specifications. This material is sold under the BioBuffer Solutions brand based on the compliance requirements of this Grade.

Bio Pharma (US Manufactured, cGMP, multi-compendial, enzyme free, trace metal analyzed)

BioSpectra provides the safest, purest and most traceable intermediates. Bio Pharma Grade meets the highest quality and regulatory standards. This grade offers the most extensive quality program, setting a new standard in the industry for biological buffers and lab reagents. Material sold as Bio Pharma Grade will be tested to multi-compendial specifications (where applicable), is analyzed for the presence of enzymes and trace metals.